Why Do Our Formulas Work?

We understand quantum physics and how the body heals itself using its own frequencies. Our remedies are specifically hand-formulated with the intent that the combination of herbs produces a certain frequency to help the body heal itself. In other words, Alexander Loyd, author of the Healing Code Book explains, “A Healing Code changes destructive energy frequencies and signals into healthy ones. The way to change a destructive energy frequency to a healthy one or to one that is not harmful anymore is relatively simple. Here is a sine wave:

Let’s assume that this is the energy frequency of cancer. The way that you change that frequency is to hit it with one that is exactly opposite. That would look like this:



When you do that, here is what you come out with:



You have just neutralized that destructive frequency, and if you can neutralize the frequency, the source of the frequency is either healed or it will heal if you can keep the frequency neutralized” (78).


Our remedies are frequency-matched using this same quantum physics concept to enable the body to heal itself. They are manufactured by Dr. Sara, not by machines. The primary plants of most formulas are mainly harvested by her or her family (the energy of the harvester affects the formula too, so she does not hire this process out, she does it herself, mostly).


For the last 17 years, we have made remedies that help the body overcome lyme disease, bacterial infection, viral infection, yeast-infections, allergies, neuro-toxins (toxins that affect the nervous system) and hundreds of other symptoms. Our remedies are complex, yet simple. They are powerful, yet still perform gently.


You can’t manufacture “heart,” but by using quantum physics, you can, in some respects. Dr. Sara’s heart is for people who have Lyme to know that she is sorry that anyone would accuse them of thinking this illness is all in their head. It takes a community, lots of love, and steadfastness to overcome. These products are a part she plays in this journey of healing. Trust in your healthcare provider and keep your heart free from anger and bitterness and know you are worthy to be healed.



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